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It all began in 2009 when she picked up a Zig Calligraphy Marker, a teach-yourself calligraphy book, and tried her left hand at the art of it all. Being disappointed with the result after numerous tries, and knowing that there was much more to be mastered, Kristina was captured by the art and turned to her Aunt Kathy who had been been lettering for over 20 years. Kathy nearly ripped the beginner Zig pen out of Kristina's hand took her to her first calligraphy class taught by Barbara Close in Orange County. That was all it took. After that, Kristina found that there was an unimaginable, dying world and history of calligraphy that needed to be dusted off. Studying the perfect forms from thehands of the master penmen of the late 1800's, and being a lover for modern art, Kristina began building her basic calligraphy knowledgeand crossing the classical styles along with creating new, free-style scripts of her own. Kristina feels that understanding the solid basics of the past is what allows her to be able to create the more modern scripts of today. KAKalligraphy was established in 2010, and has become Kristina's full time focus. Being able to cater to both the modernist and the traditionalist bride is what Kristina strives for.  Kristina has studied from master penmen such as Michael Sull and Pat Blair (the White House Chief Calligrapher), and continues each year to find more ways to expand her business.  Kristina is currently residing outside Philadelphia and teaching a number of workshops in Wayne, PA and in other various towns around Philadelphia.

Kristina is a proud member of:


(The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting),

Society for Calligraphy of Southern California

Philadelphia Calligraphers Society 


Working and residing in Newport Beach with her two Italian Greyhounds snoozing nearby, is motivation alone to create new and beautiful letterforms.



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Photo Credit: CHARD photographer