Intermediate- Copperplate- Offhand Flourishing- Thursday, June 30th 5:30-8PM

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Intermediate- Copperplate- Offhand Flourishing- Thursday, June 30th 5:30-8PM

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This is a workshop following the Copperplate Crash Course.  This workshop requires basic knowledge of the Copperplate script or formal Calligraphy instruction.  In this workshop, we will be studying the art of "offhand flourishing" which is a combination of drawing and calligraphy that adds decorative beauty to any piece you create.  

We will learn basic knowledge of flourishing including:

feathers, floral sprays and decorative accents that add flair.  We will also learn how to balance a piece, and what creates symmetry.  

We will break down rather simple elements, then put them together cohesively.  It is also a wonderful exercise to practice pressure control, and will ultimately help your hand perfect itself further with other scripts.  

Supplies include the following:

Straight pen holder, various nibs, Sumi Ink + Colored ink, Practice sheets, Exemplars of Calligraphy Offhand Flourishing elements.  

*No experience necessary

Supplies and refreshments are included!

When: Thursday, June 30th from 5:30-8pm

Where: Christine Shirley Designs

104 1/2 E. Lancaster Avenue | Wayne, PA

**Parking is on Lancaster Avenue, and you will not need to pay meters past 6pm! 

Cancellation Policy: No cancellations once registration is complete

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